[FoME] New Publication: Orient Institute Studies (2016, 4), Political communication, social movements and transition in Egypt 2011-2013

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Mi Feb 24 15:06:05 CET 2016

The new issue of Orient Institute Studies, Vol. 4 (2016) documents the results of BMBF-sponsored research project "Media Culture Transformation" on the role of social media and social movements in the public sphere in post-revolutionary Egypt 2011-2013. The project was affiliated at the Orient Institut Beirut of the Max Weber Foundation http://www.orient-institut.org/

Link to the OIS issue, Vol. 4, 2016:
Links to the articles:Introduction. Political communication, social movements and transition in Egypt   http://www.perspectivia.net/publikationen/orient-institut-studies/4-2016/badr_introduction
 Hanan Badr: Public Sphere, New Media and Political Culture in Post-Revolutionary Egypt   http://www.perspectivia.net/publikationen/orient-institut-studies/4-2016/badr_sphere
 Nadia Leihs and Hend Aly: Public Debate or Power Play? Reflections on Egypt's 2012 constitution in the transitional period   http://www.perspectivia.net/publikationen/orient-institut-studies/4-2016/leihs-aly_debate

Hanan Badr and Mehrez Ghali: Social Movements, Constitutional Debates and Online Deliberations in the Post-Mubarak Egyptian Public Sphere   http://www.perspectivia.net/publikationen/orient-institut-studies/4-2016/badr-ghali_movements
Kai Hafez: “Opportunity Structures” and “Counter Publics” Reconsidered: Why social movements and social media failed in Egypt   http://www.perspectivia.net/publikationen/orient-institut-studies/4-2016/hafez_structures
 Hend Aly and Nadia Leihs: Egyptian Constitution Timeline, 13.02.2011-31.01.2014   http://www.perspectivia.net/publikationen/orient-institut-studies/4-2016/aly-leihs_timeline

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