[FoME] DW Akademie, new #mediadev dossier "Digital Rights - Media Freedom in a Connected World"

Lena Nitsche lena.nitsche at dw.com
Mi Dez 21 11:10:41 CET 2016

Dear FoME-colleagues, 

DW Akademie's Strategy and Consulting Services department is very pleased 
to inform you about the publication of a new dossier on our 
www.dw.com/mediadev website:

                "Digital Rights - Media Freedom in a Connected World" : 

With social media and the Internet increasingly under attack, 
understanding, and fighting for, digital rights is now vital to 
international media development. DW Akademie's digital rights dossier 
explains and analyzes some of the most pressing online freedom of 
expression and information issues, from Internet shutdowns to 
intermediaries and the EU digital rights charter. 

Here are some insights:

                - Introduction to Digital Rights: What are digital rights? 
                - Overview about the most important facts around internet 
shutdowns: Internet shutdowns - an explainer http://dw.com/p/2U7XF
                - A a look at digital rights in Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe's 
tightening grip on online communications http://dw.com/p/2SiM9 
                - How media development organizations can deal with issues 
of digital security: Digital security - act now! http://dw.com/p/2UbnQ  
                - And an interview with Jeanette Hofmann, one of the 
authors of the EU digital rights charter: Controversial EU digital rights 
charter is food for thought http://dw.com/p/2UOuI 

Enjoy the read!

Best wishes and merry Christmas from DW Akademie,

Lena Nitsche
Project Associate 
Digital Innovation and Knowledge Management
Department of Strategy and Consulting Service
DW Akademie

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