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Communication for development: a practical guide
Bern: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), 2016, 76 p.


>From the editorial (p. 7):

"The first two parts of the handbook outline methods and concepts, showing how communication can be planned according to the context and integrated into the project cycle. The third part recounts the SDC's experiences in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

The documentary video catalysing reforms in Georgia's sheep-farming sector, the puppet festival promoting girls' right to enrol in school in Benin, the thematic week advocating for human rights in Afghanistan, and the interactive web game raising awareness of responsible water use in Colombia are just four of the 24 examples provided in the handbook with a view to inspiring emulation.

The wide variety of tools range from ad-hoc discussion forums in the marketplace to elaborate multimedia campaigns covering an entire country. Diverse as they are, they share one characteristic: the idea that communication for development is first and foremost about a process, rather than a product. It seeks to elicit constructive responses and open up inclusive debates. To ensure that no-one is left behind, these debates must break the mould of specialist discussions on laws and standards. They must be clear and appeal to the senses and emotions."


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