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New Book: "Transcultural Communication“

„Transcultural Communication“
Author: Andreas Hepp (University of Bremen)
ISBN: 978-0-470-67393-5
288 pages
June 2015, Wiley-Blackwell



In Transcultural Communication, Andreas Hepp provides an accessible and
engaging introduction to the exciting possibilities and inevitable
challenges presented by the proliferation of transcultural communication
in our mediatized world.

- Includes examples of mediatization and transcultural communication
from a variety of cultural contexts
- Covers an array of different types of media, including mass media and
digital media
- Incorporates discussion of transcultural communication in media
regulation, media production, media products and platforms, and media


1 Introduction 1
2 Approaches to Transcultural Communication 10
2.1 Consequences of Globalization 13
2.2 Postcolonial Critique 18
2.3 Methodological Reflections 22
2.4 Integrative Analyses 28
3 The Regulation of Transcultural Communication 35
3.1 Global Commercialization and Communicative Infrastructure 39
3.2 State Regulation 51
3.3 From the Free Flow of Communication to the Regulation of
Globalization 59
3.4 The Global Governance of Media 73
4 The Production of Media and their Transcultural Contexts 82
4.1 The Cultures of Production within Global Media Businesses 88
4.2 The Transculturality of Journalistic Practice 98
4.3 Alternative Forms of Media Production 104
4.4 Media Cities as Transcultural Locations 113
5 The Transculturality of Media Products 124
5.1 Hollywood, Bollywood, and Nollywood 128
5.2 The Import of Programs and the Adaptation of Formats 140
5.3 The Articulation of News 154
5.4 Media Events 168
6 The Appropriation of Media and Transculturation 179
6.1 The Appropriation of Media as Cultural Localization 181
6.2 Media Disjunctions in a Mediatized Everyday World 193
6.3 Communities and Communitization 205
6.4 Media Identity and Citizenship 216
7 Perspectives on Transcultural Communication 226
Acknowledgements 231
References 234


Andreas Hepp is Professor of Media and Communication Studies in the
Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research (ZeMKI) at the
University of Bremen, Germany. He is the author of Cultures of
Mediatization (2013), co-editor, with Friedrich Krotz, of Mediatized
Worlds: Culture and Society in a Media Age(2014), and co-editor, with
Nick Couldry and Friedrich Krotz, of Media Events in a Global Age


‘This important book broadens and deepens our understanding of
communication in the age of growing global digital connectivity.
Transcultural Communication is a significant scholarly contribution to
the field and will be extremely valuable for both students and
Daya Thussu, Professor of International Communication, University of
Westminster, London ​

“In this ambitious book, Andreas Hepp rethinks much that media and
cultural scholars had thought familiar, in order to map the complexities
and contingencies of our increasingly mediatized and globalised lives.”
Sonia Livingstone, Department of Media and Communications, LSE

"A welcome addition to the existing literature on global culture and
global communication. Transculturality is an excellent departure point
for further reflection on pressing current issues. "
Cees J. Hamelink, emeritus professor of international communication,
University of Amsterdam

“This is the most comprehensive treatment of the transcultural turn
that I have read in years. Based on a vast, multilingual literature and
a systematic analysis of theories of media, culture and globalization,
Hepp gives us a masterly account of processes that we all experience in
our everyday lives. For those of us who write, teach, and speak about
the ever-changing processes of cultural exchange and fusion in the age
of global communication, this book is a perfect guide.”
Marwan M. Kraidy, University of Pennsylvania
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