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Beyond the Impasse: Exploring new thinking in communication for social
change is the title of this Special Issue of Nordicom Review edited by
Dr Pradip
Ninan Thomas, Associate Professor at the School of Communication and
Art, University of Queensland, Australia.  
Combining insights from both theory and practice, this publication
foregrounds innovative thinking on Communication for Social Change
(CSC), offers fresh perspectives on the changing nature of this field
while throwing new light on old realities. It offers critical insights
and practical pathways that are a valuable contribution to knowledge on
The publication should be seen as an extension of the Nordicom Review
Special Issue published in 2012, entitled Communication, Media and
Development. Problems and Perspectives, edited by Florencia Enghel and
Karin Wilkins. These two publications complement each other very well,
as Pradip Ninan Thomas notes in his foreword: “We think that these two
issues of the Nordicom Review, both as stand alone issues and together,
offer students and researchers, an up to date introduction to CSC as a
field that is both contested and that, at the very same time, offers
many resources of hope.”
Best regards,
Ulla Carlsson
Ulla Carlsson, Dr., Professor
UNESCO Chair in Freedom of Expression,
Media Development and Global Policy
University of Gothenburg
Box 710
SE 405 30 Göteborg
Tel +46 31 7861219
ulla.carlsson at gu.se
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