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Mapping digital media: global findings. Digital journalism: making news,
breaking news
edited by Marius Dragomir and Mark Thompson
London: Open Society Foundations (OSF), Open Society Program on
Independent Journalism, 2014, 360 p.


>From the OSF website:
"The Mapping Digital Media research confirms that digital television
and the internet have had a radical impact on media businesses,
journalists, and citizens at large. As might be expected, platforms
distributing journalism have proliferated, media companies are revamping
their operations, and citizens have access to a cornucopia of news and
information sources. Other findings were less foreseeable: digitization
has brought no pressure to reform state broadcasters, less than
one-third of countries found that digital media have helped to expand
the social impact of investigative journalism, and digitization has not
significantly affected total news diversity. The Global Findings reveal
other common themes across the world: Governments and politicians have
too much influence over who owns, operates, and regulates the media.
Many media markets are rife with monopolistic, corrupt, or untransparent
practices. It’s not clear where many governments and other bodies get
their evidence for changes or updates to laws and policies on media and
communication. Media and journalism online offer hope of new,
independent sources of information, but are also a new battleground for
censorship and surveillance. Data about the media worldwide are still
uneven, unstandardized, and unreliable, and are often proprietary rather
than freely accessible".


- Introduction / Marius Dragomir and Mark Thompson
- Public Interest and Commercial Media: Digital Trends / Carlos Cortes
- Public Media and Digitization: Seven Theses / Damian Tambini
- Journalism and Digital Times: Between Wider Reach and Sloppy
Reporting / Ying Chan
- News Choice and Offer in the Digital Transition / Jelena Surculija
- Telecoms and News / Iulian Comanescu
- Access to Spectrum: Winners and Losers / Marko Milosavljevic and
Tanja Kersevan Smokvina
- Distributing the Digital Dividend / Christian S. Nissen
- Business and Ownership of the Media in Digital Times / Martijn de
- Digital Media in the European Union / Justin Schlosberg
- Digital Media in the EU Enlargement Countries / Justin Schlosberg
- Digital Media in the Former Soviet Union / Rita Rudusa
- Digital Media in Latin America / Fernando Bermejo
- Digital Media in South-East Asia / Graham Watts
- Digital Media in Asia: India and Pakistan / Graham Watts
- Digital Media in the Arab World / Aboubakr Jamai
- Digital Media in Africa: Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa / Russell


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