[FoME] Internet in Afrika: Das Netz als Entwicklungshelfer

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Internet in Afrika: Das Netz als Entwicklungshelfer
Von Marie-Astrid Langer
Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 20.11.14 (online) / 21.11.14 (Print)
Der technologische Fortschritt und die Verbreitung des Internets bergen
Chancen für Entwicklungsländer - besonders in Afrika sehen Experten
großes Potenzial. Doch ist der Weg zum Fortschritt wirklich so

Der Artikel bezieht sich v.a. auf die Mc-Kinsey-Studie "Lions go
digital: The Internet’s transformative potential in Africa"

Zitat aus dem Executive Summary (S.2):
"The Internet will generate economic growth and social transformation
in six sectors in particular: financial services, education, health,
retail, agriculture, and government. In financial services, for example,
M.Pesa's mobile money solutions have brought millions of Kenyans onto
the financial grid for the first time. Remote diagnostics are expanding
medical services to rural areas that have few healthcare professionals.
Students are beginning to learn with new digital education tools, and
e-government initiatives are connecting citizens with services. This
report examines the progress and potential of the Internet in 14
economies that together make up 90 percent of Africa's GDP. In addition
to measuring the size of their current Internet economies, it evaluates
the strength of five fundamental pillars of Internet readiness: national
ICT strategy, infrastructure, business environment, access to financial
capital, and the development of ICTrelated human capital. By combining
these factors, it is possible to map each country's progress on its
digital journey. Kenya and Senegal, for instance, are not Africa's
largest economies, but they have nevertheless emerged as the continent's
leaders in terms of the relative economic contribution of the


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