[FoME] Panel on Media Technologies and Processes of Mediatisation in Africa, Bayreuth, June 12, 2014

Tilo Grätz tilo.graetz at fu-berlin.de
Sa Jun 7 18:09:57 CEST 2014

Technologies and Processes of Mediatisation in Africa  
the Conference of the African
Studies Associationin Germany(VAD)  
of Bayreuth,June 12, 2014,
First Session

	* Grätz, Tilo: Introduction: processes of mediatisation in Africa, with case studies from Benin
	* Enaholo, Patrick: The Mediatization of Social Networks: A Case Study of Nigeria
	* Rieß, Johanna: Internet Usage in Nairobi/Kenya
Second Session (14:30–16:30)
	*  Turner, Irina: The future of South African politics: media images of post? comrade?generation leaders
	* Oldenburg, Silke: Figurations of power and identity making in Rwanda’s mediascape: “We, the new journalists, are victims of the past, but we are about to construct the future”
	* Eyebiyi, Elieth: Debates on corruption and Mediatisation in Benin (West Africa)
	* Othman, Aïsha: Technology and the Verbal Arts: Zanzibari Qasida as a Case Study.
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