[FoME] Working Papers on Media Assistance in the Western Balkans

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Center for Social Research Analitika, in cooperation with the Center for
Research and Policy Making (CRPM) from Macedonia, the Albanian Media
Institute (AMI), from Albania, and the Democracy for Development (D4D)
from Kosovo, published a working papers series on international media
assistance in the Western Balkan countries: Albania, Bosnia and
Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Serbia. 

The underlying concern that guides this working paper series is whether
‘models’ of media systems that have developed in the West can be
exported to other countries where democracy is less consolidated.

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Die Serie umfasst:

Londo, Ilda (2013). Limited Assistance for Limited Impact:
International Media Assistance in Albania

Jusić, Tarik and Nidžara Ahmetašević (2013). Media Reforms through
Intervention: International Media Assistance in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Miftari, Naser (2013). Starting from Scratch: The Role of Media
Assistance in the Establishment of Independent Media Institutions in

Dimitrijevka-Markovski, Tamara and Zhidas Daskalovski (2013). Assisting
Media Democratization after Low-Intensity Conflict: The Case of

Marko, Davor (2013). Media Reforms in Turbulent Times: The Role of
Media Assistance in the Establishment of Independent Media Institutions
in Serbia

Ršumović, Nevena (2013). The Uncertain Future: Centers for
Investigative Journalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia

Bratić, Vladimir (2013). Comparative Analysis of Regulatory Media
Assistance: Lessons from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo

Thompson, Mark (2013). Looking for Shortcuts? Assistance to – and
Development of – Public Service Broadcasting

Voltmer, Katrin (2013). Building Media Systems in the Western Balkans:
Lost between Models and Realities

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