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Issue No. 21 of Glocal Times - http://www.glocaltimes.se/ - brings four
reports of fora where communication for development was both practiced
and debated in recent months.
Table of Contents
Editorial: On Deadlocks and Simulations, Oscar Hemer   
Reflections on a two-week global LinkedIn debate: Community
participation for radio financial sustainability, Birgitte Jallov, A.
Sofie Jannusch
Diverse Communities, Diverse Media: The 10th OURMedia conference in
Goroka, Papua New Guinea,  Verena Thomas, Clemencia Rodríguez
Media and governance in Latin America: The role of communication for
development,  Paola Sartoretto
Establishing Networks of Change: The Second International Encounter of
Graduate Programs in Communication, Development and Social Change, Mery
Social media and the “Menace to Society”: Potential and limitations of
alternative media in Turkey, Sofia Hafdell
Ethnographic Representations of Self and the Other in Museums To whom
do they speak, and what do they say? Yee-Yin Yap 
Glocal Times originated in June 2005 as a web magazine published by
Malmö University’s Master program in Communication for Development,
based in Sweden. Glocal Times focuses on the research and practice of
communication for development and social change from an
interdisciplinary approach, taking into account the wider social,
economic and cultural processes in which communication and media come
into play.
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