[FoME] African Media Barometer: Analysis of Madagascar's media landscape 2012

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Dear all,


The African Media Barometer (AMB) Madagascar 2012 was launched on the 6th of
December 2012. Please find the PDF version attached, which contains an
English and a French version.


The African Media Barometer (AMB) identifies and analyses the shortcomings
and best practices in the legal as well as practical media environment of
different African countries. Using a variety of African documents as a
benchmark, the AMB can serve as a tool to lobby for media reform.


The AMB Madagascar revealed:

Political instability and the fact that laws that ensure free and
independent media have not been implemented since the last African Media
Barometer (AMB) report in 2010, have created an atmosphere where
intimidation, abuse of power and harassment have become daily realties. The
2012 AMB report for Madagascar finds that self-censorship is the modus
operandi in most media houses, as most newspapers, radio and television
stations are owned and controlled by a handful of people. This leads to
biased reporting. As a result, journalists stay silent on subjects they deem
sensitive out of fear of being reprimanded or fired. The situation
contributes to an unequal coverage, whereby the rich and most influential
get most coverage and the poor majority remains voiceless. Most journalists
work under precarious conditions with low salary, lack of facilities, lack
of social security, and without participating or organizing themselves in
professional associations or unions.


Enjoy the read!!!!


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