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Christoph Dietz Christoph.Dietz at CAMECO.ORG
Fr Dez 13 15:56:46 CET 2013

"Reporting China in Africa" ist der Schwerpunkt der Zeitschrift Ecquid
Novi: African Journalism Studies Nr. 3, 2013.
Zur Zeit sind alle Artikel dieses Sonderheftes frei zugänglich unter
Die Artikel zum Schwerpunktthema:
- China in Africa: The implications for journalism / Herman Wasserman
- Cultural flows in the Chinese empire: The case of Africa / Gabriël J.
- China as a persuader: CCTV Africa's first steps in the African
mediasphere / Iginio Gagliardone
- Contemporary Sino-African relations: Interpenetration of history of
relations with the West, ideology and comparative media frames / Anthony
Olorunnisola & Lian Ma
- Emerging trends and patterns in China–Africa media dynamics: A
discussion from an East African perspective / Bob Wekesa 
- How ready is China for a China-style world order? China's state media
discourse under construction / Xiaoling Zhang
- Half-orchestrated, half freestyle: Soft power and reporting Africa in
China / Shubo Li & Helge Rønning
- China's soft diplomacy in Africa / Anton Harber
- The Chinese in Africa/Africans in China Research Network: Reflections
on the role of such networks in China–Africa reporting / Yoon Jung Park
- Tracking the effects of a ‘soft power’ strategy on journalism in
China / Alan Finlay
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