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Klaas Glenewinkel klaas at mict-international.org
Fr Aug 23 14:53:22 CEST 2013

Hello all,

we are delighted to unveil the third print edition of The Niles (www.theniles.org). 

Written in both English and Arabic, this newspaper is the work of more than 20 journalists from across Sudan and South Sudan.
While official relations between the two nations have been bumpy following separation in 2011, www.theniles.org's journalists have deepened their productive cooperation. 
Starting in 2009 as Sudan Votes, supported by the German Federal Foreign Office, the program has provided continuous training to over 50 journalists, 
promoting better understanding through independent, balanced and accurate reporting.

Mainstream media often portrays the tragic conflicts in Sudan and South Sudan as "tribal clashes". This wrongly homes in on ethnicity as the cause of conflicts, which are largely 
about access to power and resources in a modern political context. For this reason, we focus on land ownership as the theme of our 2013 edition, probing an often overlooked 
issue which is key for both countries.        
Our colleagues have taken what at first glance seems like a tedious topic, successfully transforming rocky grounds into interesting and entertaining reading.

In total 10,000 copies of The Niles will be distributed in Sudan and South Sudan by our respective partners Al Sahafa and The Citizen. This edition includes a revised map as well as a surprise insert. Our design and layout seek to inspire new print media formats in both countries, thus continuing the discourse of our MEDIA & MAKERS: JUBA 2012 and MEDIA & MAKERS: KHARTOUM 2013 conferences (see also www.media-and-makers.com).

If you want to obtain a copy of The Niles, please go to: mict-international.org/shop

All the best from Berlin, 
Klaas Glenewinkel

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