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We have recently launched a media guide to help business journalists
report on corporate governance. 

Who’s Running the Company: A Guide to Reporting on Corporate Governance 

"Who's Running the Company: A Guide to Reporting on Corporate
Governance" will help journalists develop clear and compelling stories
that examine how a company is governed. It was produced by IFC's Global
Corporate Governance Forum in partnership with the International Center
for Journalists, an organization that advances quality journalism
worldwide. Topics include the role of the media in reporting on
corporate governance, how a board of directors functions, what financial
reports reveal, and how to track down information that sheds light on a
company’s performance. 

Access the guide in interactive format and as PDF: 

We believe this media guide will be of interest to FoME and if so,
please feel free to disseminate to your contacts and networks. We want
to reach to as many journalists as possible, as well as media
development/training organizations and journalism schools. 

We are also in the process of looking for funds to translate the media
guide into different languages, which will render it more effective.
Happy to report that the French translation is completed, courtesy of
the French Ministry of External Affairs, and the Vietnamese and Bahasa
Indonesia versions are underway, both funded by our regional corporate
governance programs. 

We are in discussions to find sponsorship for the Spanish version as
this one would benefit so many countries, and we have a good lead on the
Russian translation. 

If interested, we will let you know when these language versions are
completed. And if you can point to sources of potential funding for
translations, do let us know. 


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