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FAO Dimitra Project: Dimitra Newsletter 22, Oct. 2012
Download: http://www.fao.org/docrep/016/ap542e/ap542e.pdf 
p. 3 - Niger + DRC: The Dimitra community listeners' clubs on the move
p. 5 - Niger: Evaluation of impact of the community listeners' clubs
p. 7 - DRC: Framer field and life schools and community listeners'
p. 9 - Dimitra community listeners' clusb in new countries

Aus dem Editorial:
This issue places the spotlight on the Dimitra community listeners’
clubs, with a special dossier made up of several articles that focus on
the impact of projects under way, the development of this approach and
the launch of new initiatives. In Niger and the Democratic Republic of
Congo (DRC), the rate at which listeners’ clubs are being formed and
the fact that the approach is now being reproduced in various settings
are indications of the success of this strategy and the extent to which
it is proving sustainable. In South Kivu, for example, a new formula has
been tested with excellent results: the introduction of Farmer Field and
Life Schools has been supported by existing community listeners’
clubs. In addition, a process for evaluating the impact of the clubs has
revealed an unexpected but promising factor: the improved capacity of
club members to engage in more formal rural structures. In this sense,
the clubs are paving the way for greater participation of women in
producers’ organizations and rural cooperatives. The success of the
clubs has led to the setting up of new projects in Burundi, Senegal,
Mauritania and the DRC (Oriental Province). At the request of various
organizations and agencies, FAO-Dimitra is helping to implement these
projects based on gender sensitive participatory methodologies that are
flexible and well adapted, with a goal that remains unchanged: the
empowerment of men and women in a rural environment.

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