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Please be alert that the attached AMB is also in French!!!


AMB DRC 2012 

The constitution of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) protects freedom
of expression. However, there are no strong provisions to guarantee access
to information and a 1996 law makes certain media offenses punishable under
the penal code. These legal threats and strong pressures and occasionally
serious consequences make journalists exercise the right to freedom of
expression with apprehension and investigative reporting is rare. 


The state uses its intelligence agents to filter internet and mobile phone
content, especially during election times. During elections signals for
international radio and television stations are sometimes cut and
international newspapers banned.


Congolese National Radio Television is state controlled. It broadcasts some
local and diverse cultural content but news broadcasts are partisan
favouring the government.

Journalism in the DRC is strongly partisan and split between media close to
the ruling power and those close to the opposition. Some media owners
interfere significantly in editorial independence.


The DRC does not have electricity throughout the country, which makes access
to broadcasting services, the Internet and to mobile phone services


The bribing of journalists known as "brown envelope journalism" or "coupage"
is wide spread as is corruption throughout Congolese society. The precarious
working conditions of journalists are partly to blame as journalists rarely
have work contracts and some are not paid at all. 



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Please be alert that the attached AMB is also in French!!!


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