[FoME] Digital Media in the Arab World One Year After the Revolutions

Melanie Stilz melanie.stilz2 at mail.dcu.ie
Fr Mär 30 10:21:47 CEST 2012

The Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA) published a report 
on Social Media in the Arab world:
> CIMA is pleased to release a new report,*Digital Media in the Arab 
> World One Year After the Revolutions 
> <http://issuu.com/cima-publications/docs/digital-media-mena-one-year-after-revolutions>*, 
> by Jeffrey Ghannam, a lawyer and writer in Washington, DC. The Arab 
> region is experiencing a profound media shift. The year following the 
> start of the Arab revolutions--in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and violent 
> uprisings in Syria, Yemen, and Bahrain--was followed by continued 
> repression and threats to the exercise of free expression online and 
> offline. But the year also saw great strides in the numbers of Arabs 
> across the region turning to social media platforms and the ascendancy 
> of online engagement. This report describes and analyzes the enabling 
> of tens of millions of individuals--as well as established news 
> outlets--to attract wide global followings with Facebook and Twitter 
> updates and YouTube videos about rapidly changing events. The widely 
> diverse and pluralistic online communities in the Arab world are 
> creating and sharing content, casting into question the future of the 
> many state-owned or self-censored media that provide less in the way 
> of engagement that Arab audiences have come to expect.
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