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Fr Mär 16 11:51:48 CET 2012

Hi, this is Klaus Jürgen Schmidt, and I would like to forward this  item:
The Drum Beat Network
Re: KONY 2012 Campaign and Debate - Implications  for Development  

Hi  and best wishes. Over the past week a development communication and 
media  initiative has rocked the development world. I am sure that we have all 
been  observing and/or participating in the KONY 2012 Campaign and debate as 
it has  gone viral. It is controversial. Strong opinions have resulted. 

What  lessons - positive and negative - can we learn from this initiative 
for our  work? What do you assess as the added value and lessons learned for 
development  practice and effectiveness from this "campaign"? 

Riona McCormack, the  REPSSI Regional Communications Officer in South 
Africa, has written a blog that  outlines her opinion of "Lessons learned from 
the KONY 2012 campaign". "Love it  or hate it, the online phenomenon that is 
KONY 2012 offers valuable lessons to  development communicators." You can 
access the full blog here:  
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