[FoME] Ask The EU launch, Brussels September 28

Kersti Wissenbach kersti at access-info.org
Fr Sep 16 15:17:39 CEST 2011

Dear FOME-Members,

We will be happy to welcome you at the below mentioned seminar. Access Info
Europe will launch their new EU info request project at the event. You can
register via the link at the end of the text. 


International Right to Know Day - What the EU can learn from others

International Right to Know Day, which takes place every 28 September, was
established in 2003 by access to information advocates from around the
world. Its aim is to raise awareness of every individual's right of access
to information. 

While much progress in this area has been made in the EU over the past
decade, the fact remains that one third of the inquiries carried out by the
European Ombudsman each year concern lack of transparency. 

The seminar will seek to explore various dimensions of the right of access
by focusing on best practices in Europe and beyond. What lessons can the EU
learn regarding the right to know? Which countries' practices should serve
as models? 

To discuss the above-mentioned questions, the European Ombudsman, P.
Nikiforos Diamandouros, will be joined by the following speakers: Finnish
Minister for International Development and former MEP, Heidi Hautala, the
Deputy Chief of the U.S. Mission to the EU, Thomas J. White, the Director of
Access Info Europe <http://www.access-info.org/> , Helen Darbishire. The
event will be chaired by Geoff Meade, Europe Editor of the Press
Association. <http://www.access-info.org/>  <http://www.access-info.org/>
asktheeu.eu logo <http://www.access-info.org/> 

 <http://www.access-info.org/>  <http://www.access-info.org/> access
info logo <http://www.access-info.org/>  <http://www.access-info.org/>
Access Info Europe will also be launching at this event a new web portal via
which anyone can file a request to any institution, office, body or agency
that is covered by the European Union Access to Documents
<http://www.europarl.europa.eu/RegData/PDF/r1049_en.pdf> Regulation
1049/2001. The portal, which will be called  <http://www.asktheeu.eu>
www.asktheeu.org,  will track the responses received from the EU
institutions, and provide opportunities for users to rate their satisfaction
with the answers received.

The seminar will be on 28 September 2011, from 10:00-12:30, followed by a
reception. It will be in Room ASP A1-G2 at the European Parliament in
Brussels - (entrance from the Place du Luxembourg side of the Altiero
Spinelli building).

Please fill in the
rk> following registration form ASAP.

For more information, contact:
Pam Bartlett, Access Info Europe -  <mailto:pam at access-info.org>
pam at access-info.org 
Gundi Gadesmann, European Ombudsman's Office -
<mailto:gundi.gadesmann at ombudsman.europa.eu>
gundi.gadesmann at ombudsman.europa.eu


Kersti Ruth Wissenbach

Consultant Coordinator
Access Info Europe
+34 91 366 53 44
+31 63 419 39 66
skype: kersti.wissenbach
 <http://www.access-info.org> www.access-info.org
Síguenos en  <http://twitter.com/#%21/Access_Info> Twitter, y en
<http://www.facebook.com/pages/Access-Info-Europe/367870967220> Facebook
Si quieres ayudar a Access Info Europe en su campaña por una ley de acceso a
la información en España, haz  <http://www.access-info.org/en/support-us>
click aquí


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