[FoME] RSF evaluates level of press freedom in North Korea

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 RSF evaluates level of press freedom in North Korea (
Reporters Without Borders visited the South Korean capital of Seoul in
July to evaluate the level of media freedom and freedom of information
in North Korea. It met with many specialists, human rights activists,
North Korean refugees and South Korean officials in order to assess the
changes that have taken place since October 2004, the date of its last
investigation. It has just published the results of this fact-finding
visit. Entitled North Korea: Frontiers of Censorship (
) (http://fr.rsf.org/IMG/pdf/rsf_north-korea_2011.pdf), it looks at the
regime’s media control and censorship and the attempts being made by
others to increase freedom of information. Foreign radio stations
continue to be the main source of independent information for the North
Korean population. Broadcasting two or three hours a day in Korean on
shortwave, they are listened to by people who have managed to obtain
shortwave radio sets. The flow of information is also reinforced by NGOs
that send material and multimedia content across the border by various
methods. The authorities seem incapable of stopping the growing
smuggling and contraband trade, especially in the estimated 300 markets
throughout the country and near the Chinese border, or the flow of
information via mobile phones and contraband DVDs, USB flash drives and
other digital media whose availability is growing rapidly. (RSF via
Media Network (
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