[FoME] Veranstaltungshinweis: Mediafabric

Geraldine de Bastion geraldine.debastion at newthinking.de
Mi Okt 12 10:26:02 CEST 2011

Liebe Gruppen-Mitglieder,

hier ein Hinweis zu einer Veranstaltung von Sourcefabric in Prag zum 
Thema Zukunft von Nachrichtenmedien und Journalismus.


October 21st, Prague, Czech Republic

Mediafabric, a one day conference on news media, will take place on 
October 21st 2011 in Prague. Speakers include former MI5-agent Annie 
Machon, Nepali Times founder Kunda Dixit and Leo Prieto, founder of the 
most popular Spanish-speaking blog in the world.

With ten presentations taking the form of "visual essays", the 
conference aims to return to the roots of journalism with concise 
focuses on the what, who, why, when and where of contemporary news media.

It is organised by Sourcefabric, a non-profit organisation supporting 
independent media worldwide with offices in Berlin, Cluj, Toronto and 
Guatemala City, and who recently won a Knight-Batten Award for 
Innovations in Journalism.

Speakers include Annie Machon, who was an intelligence officer for MI5 
in the 1990s before leaving to become a media sensation with her 
whistleblowing. Mariano Blejman has built software to automatically 
extract data from the crime documents of Argentina's last military 
dictatorship. Kunda Dixit is one of Nepal's leading journalists and 
editors (founder editor of Nepali Times) and an international authority 
on the press in Asia. Leo Prieto pioneered the web design industry in 
Chile and is the founder of FayerWayer, the most popular blog in the 
Spanish-speaking world.

Following the conference, Mediathon will allow participants to hack the 
conference's ideas into reality on 22nd and 23rd October. Using cutting 
edge hardware, software and techniques, thirty participants will build 
the future of journalism in a two-day media lab. From tablets to 
twitter, iPhones to InDesign, Mediathon will build toolsets and 
skillsets to serve journalism in the 21st century.

More information can be found at http://conference.sourcefabric.org

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