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Energy for Radio. A Guide for Practitioners
By Michael Bycroft
CAMECO Practice Series 02

“Energy for Radio” is the unparalleled guide to energy management
for radio stations. In Africa and other parts of the world, radio
practitioners daily face the widespread lack of reliable public energy
supply. “Energy for Radio” supports managers and operators as they
tackle the energy issue at their station, helping to understand the
various sources and technologies of energy, especially gensets, wind and
hydro turbines, solar and hybrid systems.

The guide is structured around five steps towards improving energy
management at a station: 
Step 1: Assess energy needs
Step 2: Identify potential energy savings 
Step 3: Select appropriate energy system and technology – both for
energy generation and for energy storage and regulation 
Step 4: Plan for the long-term management of the system
Step 5: Select and work with energy technology providers to plan and
install technology.  

Thus, the guide views all relevant aspects requiring attention before
“informed decisions” can be taken. It also includes case studies
describing the experiences of radio stations in Uganda, Sudan, Tanzania,
Haiti and Indonesia where renewable energy technologies have been
implemented. Worksheets and a list of key resources add to the
usefulness of the publication.

The author: Michael Bycroft is a science journalist based in the UK,
with a special interest in green energy technologies and climate change.

Download “Energy for Radio”
http://www.cameco.org/english/publications/CAMECO-Practice-Series and
worksheets for assessing the energy needs of the stations, and
cost-effectiveness of different energy sources, or order a print copy at
cost price.     

The publication is sponsored by the Dutch foundation Stem van Afrika. 

“Energy for Radio” is the second publication in the CAMECO Practice
Series, edited by the Catholic Media Council (Aachen, Germany), and
providing practice-oriented material to support partners in their
communication activities.  

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