[FoME] HBS: Arab World in Revolt - mediatization of political struggle

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Do Mai 12 12:08:54 CEST 2011

Ein Themenblock der unten genannten Publikation beschäftigt sich mit der
Rolle der Medien in der Arabellion. Download der gesamten Publikation
oder der einzelnen Artikel auf http://boell-meo.org/web/index-579.html 
The Role of Al-Jazeera (Arabic) in the Arab Revolts of 2011
by Aref Hijjawi

Media Live Up to Name as Game Changers in Spreading Arab Revolutions
by Magda Abu-Fadil

Social Media and the Revolutions
by Doreen Khoury

Digital Activism - Arabs Can Do It Themselves. Interview with Sami Ben

Portrait - Slim Amamou – From Digital Activist to State Secretary
by Eva Lehnen
>>> Cedric Hofstetter <cedric.hofstetter at mac.com> 12.05.2011 11:18 >>>

Dear all,

You might be interested in the May issue of "Perspectives Middle East"
the magazine of the Heinrich Böll Foundation Middle East Offices in
Ramallah and Beirut entitled:

"People's Power - The Arab World in Revolt".

This special issue seeks to offer an Arab perspective on the
revolutions with over 260 pages of analysis, commentary and testimonies
by 40 writers from the region.

You can browse the content and download the publication on the
foundation's website:

Please share this link with potentially interested contacts.

Have a great day!


Cedric Hofstetter
Communication Officer, Heinrich Böll Foundation Middle East Office
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