[FoME] FW: African Media Barometres (AMB) Südafrika, Madagaskar, Mauritius und Tansania

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Dear all,


Below you will find the links to the AMBs which were launched recently.


South Africa:





The African Media Barometer is the first in-depth and comprehensive
description and measurement system for national media environments on the
African continent. Unlike other press surveys or media indices the AMB is a
self-assessment exercise based on homegrown criteria derived from African
Protocols and Declarations like the “Declaration of Principles on Freedom of
Expression in Africa” (2002) by the African Commission for Human and
<http://www.achpr.org/english/_info/news_en.html>  Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR).
It takes up the idea of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM)
<http://www.aprm.org.za/>  on good governance – where African leaders
conveniently forgot to include the media! – and applies it to the media at a
national level.


More information on  AMBs on our website
http://fesmedia.org/african-media-barometer-amb/ as well as the older
editions via http://fesmedia.org/top/resources/amb-reports/#c102


May the reading be interesting.

Kind regards


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