[FoME] Studie zu Medien in Nordost-Libyen

Christoph Dietz Christoph.Dietz at CAMECO.ORG
Di Jul 26 09:44:04 CEST 2011

17 February Revolution: Media in north-eastern Libya
Copenhagen: International Media Support, July 2011
Foreword (p. 5):
International Media Support (IMS) has undertaken two missions to
northeastern Libya since rebels took control of the region in early 2011
and ended the 42-year reign of Muammar Gaddafi. The first fact-finding
mission to Benghazi was carried out in May 2011 to engage with the new
media emerging in north-eastern Libya. The team interviewed Libyan media
representatives about their media organisations, their visions and
ambitions and their needs for training in the short and long term. Based
on these interviews, an initial mapping of the media landscape in
Benghazi and an assessment of the media environment took place. In June
2011, IMS was back again in Benghazi to develop and update the media
assessment, and look at possibilities to support new and independent
media in north-eastern Libya. Particular attention was given to the
potential for establishing an independent media institute in Libya. With
this report, IMS wishes to share its findings from our two missions with
other international media development organisations. We call for a
united effort to help professionalise Libyan media and to help secure
the foundations of a liberal legal frame for the media in the “new”

Findings (p. 13):

The needs of media identified by the IMS team in dialogue with
north-eastern Libyan media actors are as follows:
1. There is an outspoken need for professionalisation of the media, for
training in basic journalistic skills, awareness of journalistic
standards and ethics, and setting up financially sustainable media
2. Building local capacity to address the needs of the media sector –
effectively, training of trainers
3. Building an institutional framework for future training and
professionalisation of the media which also ensures local ownership
4. Drafting of media legislation and structural building of the media
5. Need for equipment and technical support
6. Need for support to the new independent media and media activists to
organise themselves

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