[FoME] How-to guide: Developing independent media as an institution of accountable governance

Christoph Dietz Christoph.Dietz at CAMECO.ORG
Do Jul 14 10:56:00 CEST 2011

Soeben erschienen:
Developing independent media as an institution of accountable
governance: a how-to guide
von Shanthi Kalathil
Washington, DC: World Bank, Communication for Governance and
Accountability Program (CommGAP), xi + 81 p.
Online: http://issuu.com/world.bank.publications/docs/9780821386293 
Zitat aus der Ankündigung für die Print-Publikation:
This handbook is designed for those who may be interested in supporting
media development programs, but are unclear about the whys, hows, and
whens. It introduces the fundamentals of media development, provide ways
to conceptualize and analyze the sector, and helps guide programming
based on political economy analysis as well as individual country
context. It also includes ideas on monitoring and evaluation of media
development programs, suggestions for conflict environments and new
media, and links to further resources.


1 - Target audiences for this toolkit
2 - Media development: a key part of governance reform
3 - Grasping the fundamentals: building blocks of an independent media
4 - From assessment to program concept: political economy analysis
5 - From concept to design: putting the program together
6 - Other factors to consider
7 - Monitoring and evaluation: finding what works
8 - Practical considerations for donors: getting the work done
9 - Resources

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