[FoME] European Commission: Lorenzo Natali Journalism Prize on Democracy and Human Rights within the Developing World

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Mi Mai 26 10:31:10 CEST 2010

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European Commission

Dear journalist,

We are very pleased to announce that the European Commission has officially launched the 18th edition of the Lorenzo Natali Prize !

You can apply on the website www.nataliprize2010.eu.  Attached you will find the press release of the European Commission inviting all the journalists committed to Development, Democracy and Human Rights to take part in the Prize.

The Lorenzo Natali Prize concerns journalists working for media in one of the five following regions: Africa, Asia and Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe and the Arab World and the Middle East. It rewards journalists for their work defending democracy and the Human rights within the Developing World. For the first time in 2008, the Lorenzo Natali Prize also involves radio and television journalists.

Each applicant can deliver ONE journalistic work or ONE extract of a journalistic work printed or aired between July 1st 2009 and June 30th 2010.

The seventeen laureates of the Lorenzo Natali Prize will be guests of honour of the European Commission during a stay in Brussels. Each laureate will receive a trophy and a prize. Overall 60,000 euros of prize will reward the best works.

For further information or to apply, feel free to visit the website: www.nataliprize2010.eu

Also, you can register directly by filling the entry form in attached file to Mr John at  john at prixnatali2010.eu

Good luck!

We remain at your disposal for further information:

Laurent Avignon
ProPager / Prix Lorenzo Natali
70, boulevard de Reuilly
75012 Paris - France
0033 1 4004 9200
contact at nataliprize2010.eu
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