[FoME] El Salvador's media system

Ricardo Valencia Pineda ricardovalp at gmail.com
Fr Jan 15 17:30:50 CET 2010

Hi, my name is Ricardo Valencia and I am a Salvadorean student in Hamburg
University. I send you one of the essays I wrote, together with another
classmates.This essay attempts to describe the Salvadorean media system and
apply some theories related to the analysis of media landscape, specially,
the theories of Hallin and Mancini and Hallin and Papanasopoulos. Feel free
to contact me if one of you need further information about Central America
and, specifically, El Salvador. Nowadays I am finishing my master thesis
which is a quantitative content analysis about two extremist (far left-far
right) newspapers during the last Salvadorean presidential Election of March
2009. I analyzed tone, placement and sourcing patterns.

My German is not that good. My mother tongue is Spanish and I am very fluent
in English. I am interested in issues related to political communication in
Latin America.


Ricardo José Valencia Pineda
BA in Communication and Journalism
Erasmus Mundus Student
Master in Journalism and Media within the Globalization
Hamburg University
+49 (0) 17677579211
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