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CCJ is reaching out to extend an invitation to all of our international members to take advantage of a new program called the Journalist in Residence (JIR). Details are provided in the description below. 
This program was created as part of CCJ's continued and expanding commitment to help share the best of American journalism practices with reporters around the globe. With the Obama administration taking the reins of government, we can expect to see major changes in U.S. economic and foreign policy. Much of the new President's agenda will have implications - and impacts - overseas. 
The Journalist in Residence program provides international journalists with a front row seat to report on the major change now underway in the U.S., that will soon have ripple effects around the globe. CCJ will provide all the necessary logistical and professional support to make time spent in Washington a superior professional experience the produces world-class journalism. 
We hope you can consider joining us in the near future. 
Mark Carter 

Committee of Concerned Journalists International Journalists-in-Residence Program (JIR) 

The Committee of Concerned Journalists (CCJ) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing journalists with the tools, research and inspiration they need to create journalism of the highest quality. CCJ has recently established an International Journalists-in-Residence program (JIR). The purpose of this program is to provide journalists from overseas with an opportunity to conduct on-the- ground reporting from the United States and gain a perspective on American politics, business, culture and media that cannot be fully examined or understood from abroad. 
This newly launched initiative is designed for print, broadcast and online journalists from around the globe. Participants will have the opportunity to spend up to three months in Washington, D.C. gathering information and producing stories for their home media organization. Launch of this program coincides with the inauguration of President Barack Obama and his administration's efforts to tackle the global economic crisis and the many international conflicts across the globe. The JIR program will allow journalists from overseas to examine the impact of these policies on their home countries - by gathering information and insight on the ground in Washington, D.C. that they could not expect to gain otherwise. 
As a journalist-in-residence, each participant will be provided with office space, telephone, computer and high-speed internet access in CCJ's Washington D.C. headquarters in the National Press Building. Located in the heart of the nation's capital, CCJ's office is two blocks from the White House and is convenient to the U.S. Capitol and most major government agencies. The National Press Building is home to the Foreign Press Center which assists foreign correspondents visiting the United States. The Committee of Concerned Journalists staff has an extensive network of media professionals, academics and government officials and is well-positioned to assist with arranging appointments and interviews, and scheduling visits to peer newsrooms and academic institutions. CCJ has a network of 150 newspapers and television stations nationwide, where members of the JIR program can reach out to get valuable insight into American opinion beyond Washington D.C. 
Journalists-in-Residence will have access to the National Press Club (NPC) which hosts more than 70 luncheons and roundtable discussions each year and provides a national forum for Presidents, Prime Ministers, business and cultural leaders, members of the Cabinet and Congress. In addition, NPC has a state-of-the-art Broadcast Operations Center that includes studio space for audio and video projects as well post-production, editing, duplication and transmission facilities. 
Since its founding in 1997 by Bill Kovach, one of the leading journalists in the United States, CCJ has conducted training programs for nearly 10,000 journalists. Serving as the core of its training is the book "The Elements of Journalism: What Newspeople Should Know and the Public Should Expect." This highly-regarded resource researched and written by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel, is printed in 38 languages and is used by journalists worldwide. A crucial component of the International Journalists-In-Residence Program will be seminars conducted by CCJ staff focusing on issues including "best practices" in American journalism, successful investigative reporting techniques, and how to create high-impact reporting across multiple platforms. CCJ staff will customize seminars to meet the unique needs of participants. 
The cost of the program begins at $750 per week for a single reporter and $1,200 per week for two or more journalists from a single organization. The JIR is designed to meet the needs of journalism outlets seeking a base from which to conduct reporting or research projects. It is, in short, a flexible Washington D.C. bureau. All interested persons must be working journalists and be proficient in written and spoken English. Housing is not provided, but CCJ will assist in finding appropriate accommodations. 
Journalist in Residence Program: Summary of Benefits 
. Washington, D.C. office suite and state-of-the-art communications infrastructure; 
. Access to a broad network of CCJ contacts in Washington, D.C. at a critical juncture in U.S. - International relations; 
. Customized training, seminars and exposure to "best practices" in American journalism; 
. Hands-on assistance creating new media applications; 
. "Concierge" level service for facilitating reporting in Washington D.C.; and, 
. Access to CCJ's network of 150 quality journalism organizations around the United States. 
For additional information please contact Wally Dean at the Committee of Concerned Journalists by email at wdean at concernedjournalists.org and on 202.662.7157. 
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