[FoME] launch of www.FreeReporter.info, a new freelance global reporting platform

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Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen, 
gerade habe ich die Ankündigung für die neue Initiative "freereporter" erhalten, eine Platform für freischaffende Journalisten, um die Berichterstattung über Entwicklungsthemen zu verbreitern. Ich dachte, das könnte vielleicht für die eine oder den anderen interessant sein...
Viele Grüße
Sofie Jannusch
I have the pleasure to follow-up our short meeting at GFMD Conference in Athens, last December, by announcing you the ongoing launch of www.FreeReporter.info, a new freelance global reporting platform which will be producing, marketing and selling to print and online media field stories and investigations on development-related issues ( human rights, life resources and corporate/public accountability). Through our web platform we will market to Western media stories originating in the South with a potential global impact. Our goal is drawing attentions of Western national/local readerships on issues concerning remote countries by pitching each story with an angle as close as possible to a specific national/local audience. We are currently finalizing the multilingual homepage (Italian and English already available) and creating the database of Western freelance reporters specialized on developing countries who are willing to join the network. Then, each of them will start cooperating, on a case-by-case basis, with colleagues affiliated to organizations from the South. Whenever a Western media requests the full story, one of our freelance reporters will produce it in cooperation with one reporter from the South by targeting it on the relevant audience. Once the story is sold profits will be shared between two sides. Our initiative aims at achieving three goals: offering international exposure to global issues emerging in the South, ensuring higher profits to local journalists through cooperation with Western freelance reporters and creating a cross-border market on development-related issues by increasing quality news cross-links between Western and local media and mutual dialogue between Western and local news consumers communities. 
To know more about our initiative please based read the attached presentations and the description available on www.freereporter.innfo/global_project.asp.
A broad pan-European partnership of NGOs and independent journalists organizations will submit shortly the project to the EU to have it granted under the “Development Education and Awareness” call for proposal.  We are currently looking for both international sponsors and news partners in the South which could send us,  on a regular basis, inputs on news-worthy issues and connect us to local reporters with whom we may undergo cross-border investigations and co-produce stories on such issue. I am wandering if your organization could help us with that and support our initiative as a new strategic tool to further enhance media development in the South, which is (as far as I understood) your final objective. 
By the way, in order to better cooperate together we could get a sponsorship to build a common networking technological infrastructure and cover the management costs. The EU has just launched a call for proposal to which your local partners in the South could apply by proposing a common project involving Freereporter. Please see these two websites: 
The deadline to submit the concept note is in February, so I would be grateful if you could answer me as soon as possible.
Stefano Valentino
Viale Etiopia 15 
00199 Roma
stefano.valentino at globalreporter.it
EU Office
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1050 Bruxelles 
+32477 990238
info at euroreporter.it
A. Sofie Jannusch
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