[FoME] Does World AIDS Day have the desired media impact?

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Does World AIDS Day have the desired media impact?

Reporting on HIV/AIDS in world Media 2006-2007

HIV/AIDS is regarded as one of the three most devastating diseases in developing countries. Despite the growing urgency surrounding HIV/AIDS, a paucity of coverage was dedicated to the issue world wide (HIV/AIDS received less than one percent of coverage, whereas sport garnered 13 percent and crime 11 percent). World Aids Day and the International AIDS Conference stimulated increased media reporting of HIV/AIDS and as such were major contributors to the debate pertaining to HIV/AIDS, although low volumes suggest that such initiatives such as World AIDS Day did not have the desired impact on overall media reporting. There was a decline in reporting on World AIDS Day during 2007 and 2008; is the trend set to continue? How will reduced focus on World AIDS Day impact on overall media discussion concerning HIV/AIDS? Could South African President Jac ob Zuma’s fresh approach to HIV as indicated by his announcement of greater access to treatment for people living with HIV and AIDS by April 2010 spark renewed interest in HIV/AIDS? 

African media contributed to almost half of the coverage pertaining to HIV/AIDS (46 percent of reports pertaining to HIV stemmed from African Media); this comes as no surprise as nearly one third of all new HIV infections and AIDS-related deaths worldwide occur in the sub-Saharan region. Coverage of HIV/AIDS was 17 percent more negative than positive in the region; the most negativity being associated to the use of anti-retrovirals. The trend of increased negativity suggests that current reporting of HIV/AIDS still sustains and promotes dominant stereotypes and consequently stigmatisation. This could be counter productive, as media is ideally positioned to be used as an educative tool in promoting the prevention of the disease. Did Jacob Zuma’s words "Let there be no more sha me, no more blame, no more discrimination and no more stigma” result in more optimistic tone of reporting on HIV/AIDS?

Media set 

ARD Tagesthemen, ZDF heute journal, RTL AKTUELL’, SAT.1 18:30, Tagesschau, heute Le Journal 20.00 (TF1), Ten o' Clock News (BBC 1), News at Ten (ITV), BBC 2 (Newsnight), RAI 1 (TGI), SF Tagesschau, Telediario-2 21.00 (TVE1), NBC Nightly News, ABC World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, FOX: Special Report w/ Brit Hume, al Arabiyah, LBC TV, Al Jazeera, Afrikaans News (SABC2), English News (SABC3), eNews Prime, Time (English) and Zulu/Xhosa News.

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