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This project seeks to gather together in a single resource the *most 
relevant and useful information on ICT in education activities in Africa.*

Key questions:

    * How are ICTs currently being used in the education sector in
      Africa, and what are the strategies and policies related to this use?
    * What are the common challenges and constraints faced by African
      countries in this area?
    * What is actually happening on the ground, and to what extent are
      donors involved?


    * ICT Policies for Education in Africa
    * ICT Activities and Initiatives in Higher Education in Africa
    * ICT Activities and Initiatives in Primary and Secondary Schools
    * ICT Activities and Initiatives in Non-formal Education in Africa
    * Gender Equity and ICT in Education in Africa
    * Factors Enabling and Constraining ICT Use in Education in Africa
    * ICT in Education in Africa: A Way Forward

      + Regional ICT/Education Initiatives in Africa

This Summary Report is complemented by a companion volume, which 
features /53 Country Reports 

/ou may also be interested in/:
Survey of ICT and Education in Africa
/Volume 2: 53 Country Reports/ 

Background on this survey project is available at 
infodev.org/en/Project.7.html <http://www.infodev.org/en/Project.7.html>.


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