[FoME] 25-27 September: Viertes FoME Symposium: Media on the Move - Migrants, Minorities and the Media

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Media on the Move – Migrants, Minorities and the Media
4th Symposium Forum Media and Development (FoME)
September 25 - 27, 2008, Protestant Academy of the Rhineland, Bonn, Germany
Media influence the complex social, cultural, and political relationships between majorities and minorities or migrants. In Europe, the discussion about the coverage of migration issues and ethnic minorities has primarily focused on the western media, while it rarely has taken into consideration the practical and theoretical approaches of southern and eastern countries. Therefore, this symposium widens the scope and pays special attention to concrete experiences from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and South-Eastern Europe. 
The guiding questions are:
To which extent do mainstream media in developing and transitional countries reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity within their countries and how can variety be mainstreamed?
How can ethnic and diversity media be strengthened?
How can collaboration between mainstream and minority media be promoted?
How can migrants’ concerns be communicated strategically?
What are the potentials and limits of diaspora media?
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