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anbei eine weitergeleitete Mail mit einem Call for Papers zum Thema
"Gender und Migration". Vielleicht hat der ein oder andere Interesse.

Beste Grüße,

> --
>              Call for papers for a panel proposal at the
>          International Interdisciplinary Congress Mundos de
>                     Mujeres/ Women’s Worlds 2008
>                July 3-9, 2008, Madrid (www.mmww08.org)
>                              Panel Title
>                  Gendered foundations of migration
>                         theories and policies
> “Migrations” is one of two central themes of Women’s Worlds 2008.
> Against that background, we would like to organise a panel to discuss
> the gendered foundations of migration theories and policies from an
> interpretative perspective. Our central assumption is that what people
> know about gender – the way they perceive and reason about
> differences between the sexes – is plural and that this plural
> is reflected in migration policies and theories alike.
> For example, while some countries boost the migration of mothers
> because they expect them to return to their children, others condemn
> the relocation of women with children as a threat to family life. The
> knowledge generated by international organisations also rests on
> different assumptions about gender: While the IOM’s campaign against
> trafficking in women conveys an image of women as mere victims, the
> World Bank’s research on gender and remittances suggests that migrant
> women are central agents of economic development. On the theoretical
> side you find approaches that explicitly draw on conservative notions
> the male breadwinner family and the dependent female migrant while
> other theories appear gender neutral, but do implicitly assume a male
> migrant as their prototype.
> Papers of the panel might engage one or more of the following themes:
> *   analyses of the explicit and implicit gendered foundations of
>     migration theories from different fields (economics, sociology,
>     political science…);
> *   case studies on particular gender selective migration policies
>     (of certain states, international organisations…);
> *   analyses of negotiations of migration policies and the gendered
>     foundations of different positions and interests (state actors,
>     migrant organisations, business associations…);
> *   analyses of the mismatch between stated policy objectives on
>     gender and migration and policy outcomes;
> *   clarification of concepts in use (gender bias, male bias, gender
>     knowledge, state sexism…) and of their contribution to an
>     interpretative analysis of migration policies and
>     theories.
> Proposals for papers
> The panel submitters welcome proposals for individual papers. They
> should contain the following information:
> *   Individual paper title
> *   Paper abstract (300 words)
> *   Author information (name, affiliation, email-address)
> Proposals should be sent to the following addresses:
> Helena.Schwenken at uni-kassel.de and pia.eberhardt at uni-kassel.de no
> later than February 15, 2008. Inquiries may also be sent to that
> addresses. You will receive feedback on your proposals by February
> 20th. The final panel proposal will have to be submitted to Women’s
> Worlds 2008 by the panel organizers by February 28th.
> Panel convenors
> Dr. Helen Schwenken, Assistant Professor in Political Science,
> of Kassel, Germany
> Pia Eberhardt, M.A., Research Associate, Faculty of Social Sciences,
> University of Kassel, Germany
> --
> Universität Kassel
> Fachbereich Gesellschaftswissenschaften
> "Globalisierung und Politik"
> Dr. Helen Schwenken
> Nora-Platiel-Str. 1
> D- 34127 Kassel
> Tel. 0561-804 3122
> Helena.Schwenken at uni-kassel.de

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