[FoME] CTA Communication Internship: Rural radio, video for development, PR

Christoph Dietz christoph.dietz at CAMECO.ORG
Mo Jan 21 09:03:04 CET 2008

The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) is an
international organisation headquartered in Wageningen, in the
Netherlands. It was set up in the framework of the Lomé Convention (now
replaced by the Cotonou Accord) concluded between the 15 EU Member
States and 77 African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) States. Its role is
to develop and provide services to improve access to information with a
view to promoting agricultural and rural development in the ACP
countries and boosting the capacity of those countries to produce,
acquire and use information in this area.

CTA produces, amongst other activities, many information products
through print, electronic, radio and video formats. The main aim of
these products is to improve a better access to agricultural information
for ACP beneficiaries, to enhance its dissemination and to target
diverse stakeholders.

The Centre offers a Communication and Media internship

Job description

1.	Rural Radio Resource Packs (http://ruralradio.cta.int)
Aimed at strengthening the links between extension workers and farmers,
promoting knowledge-sharing between farmers, and addressing the problem
of illiteracy, CTA's Rural Radio Resource Pack (RRRP) project is
designed to encourage the use of rural radio to disseminate scientific
and technical information. The people benefiting from the project
include rural radio programme producers and managers, extension workers
and farmers. 
*	Identify new broadcasters to expand the dissemination
*	Promote the RRRP in the Media and peer organizations
*	Draft new texts for the website and update it
*	Stimulate the radio broadcast network
*	Follow up a script competition

2.	Video activities (http://tv.cta.int)
Coordinate the CTA website dedicated to video for development:
v	Research for resources, video links and related projects 
v	Update the site regularly
Follow up co-production activities

3.	PR and corporate identity activities
Contribute to build new PR tools: 
v	mailings and data base
v	flyers and posters
Contribute to homogenize CTA corporate identity
v	select graphic teams
v	Drafting guidelines for CTA staff
Contribute to structure CTA Media network
v	Follow up CTA’s Media coverage
v	Develop Media database
v	Stimulate dialogue amongst Media network

*	A Degree in Communication, Journalism, Development studies
*	Experience in Communication, Journalism preferred
*	Interest for Development or/ and agricultural issues
*	Interest for Mass media tools (radio and TV)
*	Good communication skills (written and spoken)
*	Good command of English and French an asset
*	Sense of autonomy, creativity and capacity to take initiatives

The internship is based in Wageningen for a minimum period of six
months. Applicants should be under 30 years old and from European or ACP
countries with a valid residence permit.
Compensation will be offered according diploma and experience.
Interested candidates should send their applications to bel at cta.int 

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