[FoME] Studie "Good practices in community radio" in Kolumbien, Mali, Nepal, Peru, Südafrika

Christoph Dietz christoph.dietz at CAMECO.ORG
Mi Aug 27 16:05:05 CEST 2008

Empowering Radio: Good practices in development and operation of community radio
Main report prepared by Bruce Girard
Washington: World Bank Institute, Program on Civic Engagement, Empowerment & Respect for Diversity, 2007 [i.e. 2008?]
60 S. + fünf Länderanhänge
Download Main report: http://comunica.org/pubs/cr5cs.pdf 
Download Main report + Annexes http://comunica.org/pubs/cr5cs_and_country_reports.pdf 

Across many countries and in different regions, community radio stations have been fostering community participation and creating an appetite for transparent and accountable governance, even in challenging regulatory environments. "Empowering Radio: Good practices in development & operation of community radio" is a report prepared for the World Bank Institute based on five national studies of community radio practices in five very different countries: Colombia, Mali, Nepal, Peru and South Africa.

The national studies addressed a common set of topics, providing descriptions and analyses of country/case examples. The topics were:
Participatory processes and volunteerism 
Relationship with the community 
Exertion of rights 
Accountability and good governance 
Community radio networks 
Financing and financial sustainability 
Community radio in conflict and post-conflict situations.

The main report is by Bruce Girard of Fundación Comunica. The national studies were conducted by: Amparo Cadavid – Colombia, Martin Faye – Mali, Raghu Mainali – Nepal, Carlos Rivadeneyra – Peru, and Nkopane Maphiri, South Africa. The national studies are included as annexes in their original languages.

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