[FoME] Filmproduktionskosten in Entwicklungsländern

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Production costs of audiovisual works in developing countries. Study
conducted by Emmanuel Cocq (Group d'Economie Mondiale at SCPO Paris).
Paris: UNESCO, 2007, 110 S.

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Section I: Characteristics of the audiovisual markets:
- Methodology
- Major characteristics of television in developing countries
- Film industry

Section II: Production costs of audiovisual works
- Mexico
- Colombia
- India
- Cambodia
- Burkina Faso
- Senegal
- Nigeria
- Egypt
- Jordan
- Latvia
- Animation production: a specific production process

"The subject of the present stuy is to assess the production conditions
of audiovisual works in 10 countries ... Our work is based on the
collection of detailed production costs for works coming under five
genres: feature films for theatrical release, television fictions, works
of animation, documentaries, television magazine programmes and
television entertainment shows ... The data collected for each genre and
each country studied within the scope of our study are based on a
specific production example. On several occasions, the choice of
productions made by the local contacts tend to favour "top-of-the-range"
works endowed with a budget that often is higher than the average for
domestic production. In this case, the rates, the size of the teams are
essential as maximum standards. However, in order to have as afine an
apprehension as possible of the production conditions specific to each
country, each correspondent was requested to specify the general
characteristics of the selected work and to put them into perspective
with the rest of domestic production ..." (Introduction).

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