[FoME] Media Assistance in the Swiss Development Cooperation

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Mo Nov 5 09:47:58 CET 2007

"Schuster Sandra DEZA SSD" <sandra.schuster at deza.admin.ch> 02.11.2007

Media - A Key Player for Realizing Social Accountability: Orientation Guide. Berne: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC),2007, 32 p.

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"After presenting a summary of our vision and objectives in the field of 'media and development' (chapter 2) this paper explains the cross-cutting principles that guide all our efforts and activities in media assistance (chapter 3). The paper then follows the usual steps of the project cycle, adapted to the particularities of working with media. It leads the readers through the consecutive process of analyzing the situation plus choosing interventions according to the needs (chapter 4). Examples including their strengths and weaknesses will be presented there. The paper finally lists risks and constraints in media assistance (chapter 5) and the need for better monitoring and evaluation (chapter 6). The annex provides various check-lists, additional information for the special case of media assistance in the environment of violent conflict plus literature and links for further reading." (from the introduction, p.7)

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