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What & Who

Starting in 2008 the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum will take place
annually in Bonn. The main agenda items will change but the event will
always address ways to cope with challenges and developments whose
course is largely influenced by media worldwide. The target group is
both international and inter-disciplinary. Media representative from
around the world, high-profile experts of inter-governmental and
non-governmental organisations, politicians, artists, entrepreneurs and
scientists will sit around the same table at the

2-4 JUNE, 2008, BONN / GERMANY

A simple philosophy drives the initiative: Those working on the future
have to think in networks - and in global dimensions.

Today many post-conflict countries are faced with completely new
challenges. Steps to establish media mustn't shake the already rocky
peace and have to achieve hasty success, while at the same time laying
the foundation for fundamental reforms. Precisely these challenges are
the focus of the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum. Renowned
representatives from the fields of media and politics, culture and
economics, development work and science are invited to help shape new
solutions for peace and conflict prevention and to turn this conference
into an unforgettable exchange of ideas and into an exciting platform
for networking and future-oriented problem solving.

Main Topics for the panels:

-  Worldwide deployment* What can and must Europe do to prevent
-  Crisis prevention via media intervention
-  Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Economic Development, Political
Stability and the role of the Media in Asia
-  How can the Truth Survive? In Africa Journalists are often between
the fronts
-  Reading Between the Lies - Perception and Prejudice in the Middle

Other subjects include the following:

-  Improve what’s there or build from scratch?
-  Raison d’état versus media freedom
-  From government-controlled to public broadcasting
-  Freedom of the media and expression in the socio-cultural context
-  Journalism training in post-conflict states

This is a conference you cannot afford to miss - so register before
31st of March 2008 to take advantage of the early bird registration

Where & How

For registration please click the following link:


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please click here:


For all other information on the conference:


If you have any questions regarding registration please do not hesitate
to contact

Registration Office
Tourismus & Congress GmbH
Adenauerallee 131
53113 Bonn, Germany
Phone: +49-228-91041-49
Fax: +49-228-91041-77
gmf2008 at bonn-region.de 

For all other information please contact:

Conference Secretariat
Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum
Organisation: DW * MEDIA SERVICES GmbH
Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 3
53113 Bonn, Germany
Phone: +49.228.429-2142
Fax: +49.228.429-2140
gmf at dw-world.de

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