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Defining Indicators of Media Development: Background Paper
Paris: UNESCO, March 2007, 80 p.


In line with the decision of the IPDC to launch a broat consultation to define indicators of media development, this background paper is designed to serve as a reference for discussions in this area and facilitate the process of elaborating such indicators. The existence of a set of indicators that could be used to measure media development would enable media professionals, policy and decision makers, development agencies, implementers and project proponents to analyze the various elementsof a media system and identify the areas where assistance is most needed.


Executive Summary
1. Introduciton
2. Existing initiatives to define indicators of media development
3. Proposed categories of indicators to be retained for further development
- The system of regulation and control
- Plurality and transparency of ownership
- Media as platform for democratic discourse
- Infrastructural capacity
4. Select bibliography

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