[FoME] African Framework for the Development of a Sustainable and Pluralistic Media

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United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA):
African Framework for the Development of a Sustainable and Pluralistic
Addis Abeba, 2007, VII + 24 S.

Addis Ababa 22 August 2007 - Published in July 2007, the “Framework
for the Development of a Sustainable and Pluralistic Media" is
predicated on the recognition that the Millennium Development Goals
(MDGs) cannot be achieved without sustained political will and
investment, which would among others, require a free and democratic
environment in which the media can play an effective role in promoting
sustainable development, fighting corruption and promoting good
governance. A strong media and communication environment is critical to
a developed and prosperous Africa.

Further, ECA’s first edition of the African Governance Report (AGR
I), called for a new large-scale and comprehensive, African
capacity-building initiative to address deficits in key areas, including
the media. 

In this regard, ECA (Economic Commission for Africa) conceptualized and
undertook a process known as Strengthening Africa’s Media (STREAM) in
partnership with leading players in the media sector in the region
between April 2006 and January 2007. The resulting “Framework for the
Development of a Sustainable and Pluralistic Media” articulates the
concerns and perspectives generated by the stakeholders who participated
in the process. It also identifies priority issues and areas requiring
support, and proposes concrete initiatives and programmes towards a
strengthened media sector.

It recognizes that effective media are a vital ingredient in the
establishment and maintenance of effective, transparent, and accountable
States that promote development, protect human rights, respect the rule
of law, and ensure that people are free to participate in, and be heard
on decisions that affect their lives. 

The Framework is a companion document to the larger final report of the
entire STREAM process, which in turn provides comprehensive details of
the context of this unprecedented, stakeholder-led initiative, the
methodology adopted, as well as the findings and recommendations of the
e-consultations and all the subregional meetings.

For more information on this process, contact:
ecainfo at uneca.org or go to: http://www.uneca.org/africanmedia/ 

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