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New Publication: The Southern Africa Media Diversity Journal
18-04-2006 (Paris)
A UNESCO-supported Southern Africa Media Diversity Journal came out as
a result of a partnership between Gender Links, a South African based
NGO, and the Gender and Media Southern Africa Network (GEMSA). 

The bi-annual journal is expected to fill a gap between media theory
and practice as it publishes analytical and reflective content on media
practice for those involved in media * as news producers, news
consumers and news shapers. It creates the space for reflection, debate,
criticism and arguments for media diversity in Southern Africa. Media
coverage in Southern Africa has often been seen as single sourced and
event driven; based on an hierarchical news structure which privileges
particular dominant voices. 

The Journal recognizes media diversity as a cornerstone of democracy.
It operates from the premise that the absence of a diverse media that is
representative of the interests and concerns of all citizens is a threat
to the region's democracy and citizen's ability to participate in
democratic processes. Contributors to this issue and forthcoming issues
are GEMSA members from 12 Southern African countries, but not
Contact: Iskra Panevska, UNESCO, Communication Development Division 
Email: i.panevska at unesco.org 

Source: UNESCO 

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