[FoME] Participatory Monitoring + Evaluation of Communication for Social Change

Christoph Dietz christoph.dietz at CAMECO.ORG
Mi Apr 12 16:03:38 CEST 2006

Will Parks et al.
"Who Measures Change? An Introduction to Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation of Communication for Social Change"
South Orange, New Jersey: Communication for Social Change, 2005, 44 p.
Download unter: http://www.communicationforsocialchange.org/pdf/who_measures_change.pdf.

Zitate aus dem Summary: "This report is an introduction to establishing a Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) process to assist in the measurement of Communication for Social Change (CSFC) initiatives.... The report's primary purpose is to support communication strategies based on CFSC principles when applied to critical issues such as HIV/AIDS prevention and care. Yet the information contained in this report has broader applications to a variety of development concerns. After defining CFSC and the broad purpose of monitoring and evaluation, the report explains why a participatory approach to monitoring and evaluating CFSC is useful. It goes on to discuss key PME principles and "moments" or steps in establishing a PME process. Two "tools" are offered to help readers learn more about and discuss: (1) potential monitoring and evalaution questions and indicators; and (2) PME data collection techniques."

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