[smartmontools-support] Questions on how automatic self-test results are handled.

Tony Olekshy smartmon at olekshy.net
Tue Jul 21 21:23:57 CEST 2020

We are currently running the smartmontools on our servers using
this standard entry in the /etc/smartmontools/smartd.conf file
(all on one line):

    DEVICESCAN -H -m root -M exec
        /usr/libexec/smartmontools/smartdnotify -n standby,10,q

Can I enable nightly self-tests by changing that to:

    DEVICESCAN -H -s S/../.././03 -m root -M exec
        /usr/libexec/smartmontools/smartdnotify -n standby,10,q

and if so will that automatically send mail if such self-tests
find trouble, or do I also have to add «-l selftest» like this:

    DEVICESCAN -H -l selftest -s S/../.././06 -m root -M exec
        /usr/libexec/smartmontools/smartdnotify -n standby,10,q

Sincerely Yours,
Tony Olekshy
Avra Software Lab Inc.
olekshy at avra.ca

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