[smartmontools-support] [PATCH v5] scsi: Add hwmon support for SMART temperature sensors

Christian Franke Christian.Franke at t-online.de
Tue Oct 16 07:36:33 CEST 2018

Linus Walleij wrote:
> ...
> - I am uncertain if this applies to SAS drives as well,
>    it appears not (Christian Frankes answer) they
>    require a different access method, and I can't test it,
>    so I am currently only setting it up explicitly for
>    ATA slave devices.

It doesn't apply to SAS devices.

If there is ATA/SATA temperature detection support in the kernel, it 
should IMO also be mapped to SCSI/SAS commands as suggested by SAT (see 
also the mail from Douglas Gilbert):
If SCSI Temperature Log page is requested (SCSI LOG SENSE cmd) for an 
ATA/SATA device, read SMART attributes and return a Log page with 
Temperature field set from attribute 194.

Does your patch support this?

SAT requires "SCT Status" or "Device Statistics" access method for 
temperature. In practice, SMART attribute 194 is supported by much more 


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