[smartmontools-support] using smartd to monitor a rotating group of USB drives?

Christian Franke Christian.Franke at t-online.de
Tue Nov 6 22:22:38 CET 2018

Nathan Stratton Treadway wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 04, 2018 at 19:51:32 +0100, Christian Franke wrote:
>>> B) when a new drive is plugged in, it appears that smartd doesn't check
>>>     to see if the drive now found as /dev/sdX is actually the same drive
>>>     as the one found at start-up time -- and thus over time multiple
>>>     different drives are all treated as the same drive, with data saved
>>>     the same /var/lib/smartmontools/*<DEVICE_MODEL>_<SERIAL_NUMBER>*
>>>     files (named after whatever happened to be plugged in at startup
>>>     time) -- and, I believe, any warning emails sent include the original
>>>     drive's info in the body of the message, rather than the info for the
>>>     drive that's actually attached at that time.
>> A platform independent solution is possibly difficult. It may work
>> to add another option (e.g. "-d replaceable") to enable a re-check
>> of device identity before each check cycle.
> Is part of the issue that a normal check cycle doesn't retrieve the
> identity information from the drive?

Yes, only the initial device registration or a reload after SIGHUP 
retrieves devices identities. This didn't change since the early days of 
smartd (2002).

> Specifically for the "B)" issue, it seems like the platform shouldn't be
> an issue -- or, at least, the platform-dependent factors should be no
> greater than what already has been implemented: smartd must already get
> and parse the model+serial info when it first detects the device (since
> it names the state file, etc. using that info), so the question is
> whether it should repeat that same process each time it opens the
> device, to make sure the assumption that one physical device is
> associated with a particular /dev/ file continues to hold true.

This should be added, but requires some substantial reorganization of 
code and related testing. Will be addressed after next release.


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