[Smartmontools-database] SSD WDC WDS120G2G0A-00JH30

Grischa Rommeiß gr.rommeiss at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 10:15:51 CEST 2018

Type: WDC WDS120G2G0A-00JH30
Maximum LBA: 234455039

05, 0x05, Reassigned Block Count
09, 0x09, Power-On Hours
12, 0x0C, Power Cycle Count
165, 0xA5, SLC Block Erase Count
166, 0xA6, Minimum P/E Cycles
167, 0xA7, Maximum Bad Blocks per Die
168, 0xA8, Maximum P/E Cycles
169, 0xA9, Total Bad Blocks
170, 0xAA, Grown Bad Blocks
171, 0xAB, Program Fail Count
172, 0xAC, Erase Fail Count
173, 0xAD, Average P/E Cycles
174, 0xAE, Unexpected power Loss Count
187, 0xBB, Reported Uncorrectable Errors
188, 0xBC, Command Timeout
194, 0xC2, Temperature
199, 0xC7, UltraDMA CRC Error Count
230, 0xE6, Media Wearout Indicator,
232, 0xE8, Available Reserved Space, Minimum 5%
233, 0xE9, NAND GB Written to TLC
234, 0xEA, NAND GB Written to SLC
241, 0xF1, Total GB Written (Host)
242, 0xF2, Total GB Read (Host)
244, 0xF4, Temperature Throttle Status

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