[Smartmontools-database] Unrecognised USB device: "Intenso Memory Center"

Gabriele Pohl gp at dipohl.de
Wed Feb 28 20:30:39 CET 2018


On Sat, 06 Jan 2018 15:47:55 -0500
Hj.berkendyke via Smartmontools-database wrote:

> All the best for 2018, and thank you for your great software and equally great support!


> An external hard drive with a USB 3 interface wasn't directly recognised 
> by Debian testing's smartmontools. The device was sold as "Intenso Memory Center" 
> external hard drive (mainly sold in the EU). This brand seemingly uses all 
> kinds of makes and models of controllers and disks.

I added an entry to our "supported usb devices" list

Please check if it's ok so.

Especially: Is the link to the product page the right one?

> I've checked trunk's drivedb.h, and I didn't see the USB id defined there.

I will open a ticket for that later today.

> Also, its USB id wasn't yet in the online usb.ids database.

It would be nice if you sent the info also to Mr. Gowdy

> Enclosed is the output of two smartctl runs: one without a device type, 
> and one with device type 'sat'. Hope this helps!

yes very helpful and thanks! :-)

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