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From: 고한우리<ninja1986 at naver.com>
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Subject: FW: [Help] Please add a new device to the Database  
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2017 16:02:30 +0900
Reply-To: 고한우리<ninja1986 at naver.com>

Please reply on this issue.
I already send a mail to smartmontools-database mailing, but nothing changed and still this device is not on the drivedb.h yet.
I kindly ask you to support my request about adding new device on drivedb.h.
Thank you

Subject: [Help] Please add a new device to the Database  
Hello, Sir or Madam.
This is Hanwoori Koh.
I am sending this e-mail to add a new device which is PM871b to the Smartmontools Database.
I attached the smartctl-VENDOR-MODEL.txt log, and I also gave you two pictures that include the device information about FW Name, Model Name and SMART Attributes.
I kindly ask you to add this smart information to the Database of Smartmontools.
If the information is not enough to add to the Database, any feedback will be welcomed.
For your information, this device is base on SAMSUNG Electronics, 
After adding the smart information to the Database successfully, people who use HP systems with PM871b will be happy to use Smartmontools to check their drives.
[FW Name and Model Name] 

[SMART Attribute] 

Hanwoori Koh

[smartctl-VENDOR-MODEL.txt  text/plain (10520 bytes)] 

[FW_MN.PNG  image/png (4519 bytes)] 
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