[Smartmontools-database] Support of USB-Bridge ID 152d:0569 JMicron

Christian Franke Christian.Franke at t-online.de
Wed Dec 20 07:46:01 CET 2017

Joachim Schäfer wrote:
> as Gabriele told me, I'm (hopefully) using the right mailing list for 
> my request. Is there any chance, that the bridge 0x152d:0x0569 will be 
> supported? 

The USB ID suggests that this is a JMicron JMS569 bridge. Some newer 
JMicron bridges work with '-d sat', older should work with some '-d 
usbjmicron[,...]' (see man page).

Did you test any of these?
If some '-d ...' work, we could add this USB Id to the drive database.

Don't test on a production machine. There were reports that drives were 
disconnected by the OS after issuing an unsupported SCSI command.

> It is a RAID bridge and I don't get it to work with Smartmontools 6.6 
> on Arch Linux.

Which kind of USB device is involved here?
Is RAID support actually build in the USB bridge?
Otherwise it may be a device with a JMB39X behind the JMS569.

See related ticket:


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